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Fierce Medicine

fierce medicine

I’m very excited to announce that my next Where Is My Guru Book Guru review will be on Ana Forrest’s Fierce Medicine! Now I know this book isn’t new, published back in 2011, however for some reason totally beyond my comprehension I have yet to delve into this gem. Better late than never I figure? I’ve heard and read so many different reactions to this book so I’m excited to share my own take and reading experience with you.

All I’m going to say for now is that, as I’ve been reading Fierce Medicine, all I can think of is WHOA. This book is intense. The “shake your world, makes you look at yourself a little differently” kind of intense. To find out more tune into the WIMG radio show on Friday, July 12th at 11am EST for my live on-air review!

Ana Forrest on creating a practice: “Make change a practiced skill. Whatever it is you yearn to do or be, you must practice it, study it, or teach it – at least one of the three – every day.”

Day 162 of my photo-a-day 365 Project. Sitting with Ana Forrest's Fierce Medicine.

Day 162 of my photo-a-day 365 Project. Sitting with Ana Forrest’s Fierce Medicine.

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