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The suffering of the World sits heavy
on our shoulders and in our Hearts.
Our minds unable to comprehend
the violence inflicted with seeming ease.

How do these created barriers
pierce this world into such separation?

How can compassion be so far removed
that we cannot recognize a glint of ourselves
in the other?

This is no new atrocity.

Our collective Heart has wept these tears
many times before.

From Indigenous cultures outside of recorded History
vanishing along with their complexities of human experience;
to those today trying hard to simply carve a place of joy
unmolested by the rigid ideologies of others.

Humanity has long created these barricades
in the name of God and Greed.

But there is no God that would demand this bloodshed,
no God that would require this segregation amongst kin.
Fear and Power are the sick drivers of this disease.
As it has been with empires built on the bones of the other.

There is no obligation for this to continue.
Our collective eyes need to be fully open,
Our collective ears need to hear the cry:

The voice of one will multiply into a mass of the greater.

And this greater voice must hold those in Power accountable.

What is done to one is done to ALL.
What is done today continues into tomorrow.
Lay down the individual “I” and open the collective Heart.

(Written on June 13th 2016)

In other words:
“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh


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