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On Being Soft


My mantra of late evolving… “Be soft, Tread lightly”.


A prayer for the unfolding light:

Great spirit and all unseen,
help me to always seek visions of world beauty,
to excavate the darkness with a wide open heart
and unfold out into the light with ease and grace.

We are seasons.

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Hello March

Even though Winter holds so much beauty and invites us all to find more time to rest, I am always so excited to say good bye to February and say a great big hello to March!!! Spring, I’m looking forward to you.

“Mother of Nature talks with her skin.
Stone person,
Wild Flower,
And Wolf are her friend.

Weaving the rhythms of the seasons,
She rides the Winds of change,
Opening her Heart with gladness,
A shelter from hunger and pain.

Guardian of the needs of Earth,
Making relatives great and small,
Mother, I see you in the dewdrop,
I hear you in the Eagle’s call.”
~ Jamie Sams, Earth Medicine


Art by Cathy McClelland


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