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The Transforming Power of Your Attention

A Where Is My Guru review of Penney Peirce’s Leap of Perception
by Jenn Grosso #BookGuru

Posted originally on the WIMG blog.


Penney Peirce, you had me at Perception. I have to admit, I’m a big nerd when it comes to understanding how we perceive our world, the power of our attention, and the possibilities of changing our reality by shifting our thoughts. These are all topics that interest me tremendously. So when I received Penney Peirce’s book Leap of Perception as my very first Book Guru review, I thought to myself “THIS is so my jam, right on”.

“Attention only functions in the present moment; in fact, if you pay attention, the very act brings you into the present. When you’re present, you have presence – and presence is the experience of the soul.” ~ Penney Peirce, Leap of Perception

I love a book that asks of you to look at yourself differently, to contemplate your thoughts about yourself and your interactions with the world around you. Leap of Perception does just that, through Penney’s meditation, visualization and journaling exercises, she renders some pretty abstract concepts about how we look at things and how our mind interprets information and makes it more concrete.

This isn’t a light read, however it isn’t a dense scientific presentation of the power of our minds. Penney does a great job of keeping the intense information on a relatable and accessible level to everyone. You don’t need any background on the subject to be able to get a lot out of this book, however for those Quantum Physics enthusiasts like myself, it was a great addition to my arsenal of consciousness expanding information.

Leap of Perception is like a compact journey into ourselves as we come face to face with our ego and the “I” that perceives our surroundings. By the end of the book, one would definitely have a shift of point of view and a lot to consider on how to integrate our connectedness and the power of our attention.

“By simply ‘being with life’ and ‘letting things be’ as they are, you return to an experience of your own ‘being’ – your soul – which was always present under the distractions.” ~ Penney Peirce, Leap of Perception

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