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An Altar For October


Hello sweet October: How I’m elated to be with the chill in your air, the letting go of the leaves in your trees, and the quieting after the harvest season before the blanketing of snow.

This is our Waning Time. The thinning of the Veil and the season of remembrance. Like the trees we are to let go and let rest until the next promising bud of Spring.

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Giving Back What Isn’t Ours To Carry

I’ve come to the Rich Waters.
To the Mother Womb of depths;
to return something that was not mine to carry.

I’ve climbed to the Windy Peaks.
To Father Sky’s vast expanse;
to release something that was not mine to carry.

I’ve pressed my face to the Dark Earth.
To the fecund under belly;
to bury something that was not mine to carry.

This was never mine to carry,
and so I let it go back into the World.

pink lake may 2016.jpg

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Letting Go and Letting Be


Apranihita is the Sanskrit term for the teaching of aimlessness and means not setting an object or goal in front of you and running after it. It means to release the need to know and to have. To just be.

“We must bring a revolution in our thinking: we must stop. We must do as the flower does. The flower is aware of the fact that it contains everything within it, the whole cosmos, and it does not try to become something else. It is the same for you.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

For me, right now, this means releasing the need to know the way forward, sometimes it’s through aimlessness that all is revealed. Taking some deep breaths and surrendering.

And after this video/meditation, you really can’t help but to surrender.
Even just a little.

The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering)
Read by Thich Nath Hanh, chanted by brother Phap Niem.

“May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the kosmos even in the darkest spots. Living beings are able to hear it clearly so that all suffering in them cease. Understanding comes to their heart and they transcend the path of sorrow and death. The universal dharma door is already open. The sound of the rising tide is heard clearly. The miracle happens, a beautiful child appears in the heart of a lotus flower. One single drop of this compassionate water is enough to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains and rivers. Listening to the bell I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve. My mind calm. My body relax. A smile is born on my lips. Following the sound of the bell my breathe brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness. In the garden of my heart the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.” ~ Thich Nath Hanh

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