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Artist of the Week: Toko-pa Turner


It was such a treat to interview and feature Toko-pa Turner as Be You Media Group’s Artist of the Week. Toko-pa’s work and Facebook page Dreamwork with Toko-pa have long inspired me, so I was looking forward to finding out more about her journey and what inspires her. Her intimate answers spoke volumes of her dedication to her creativity and how it propelled her along the way.

“The deeper I went into my own darkness, the richer my life became. And this is now the central ethos of my work with dreams. At any given moment, we are either turning away from or coming into congruence with our kinship with mystery. Only when we wrestle to keep that endangered language of sensitivity alive do we have a chance at living a meaningful life. But more than that, this is how we become necessary to the urgency of our times.”

Check out the full interview here.

And if speaking the language of dreams has piqued your curiosity, Toko-pa is offering an amazing 4-week online course Dreamwalking and is offering a pre-registration price until Friday. More information here.


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