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The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids


A Where Is My Guru #BookGuru review of The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids: Your Guide To Raising And Resonating With The New Children by Maureen Dawn Healy.

“Everything is energy. This isn’t a new insight but something that we keep coming back to, especially as our collective consciousness evolves and expands into something new. I see children navigating their lives through the world of energy. They want to feel good so they play, sing, scream, and shout to let their energy out.”

The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids is all about showing parents how to teach their child or children how to harness their energy, how to constructively direct energy versus allowing it to spiral out of control into tantrums and disruptive behavior.

“Indigo energy… operates often from the imaginative, intuitive, and creative space without regard to “real life” and sometimes even gets misdirected.”

Maureen discusses what an Indigo child is and compares this with the label of highly sensitive children, and talk about how Indigo children need a slightly different approach than other children. However to me, any and all parents can use the lessons in this book to introduce the concept of energy into their child’s life. This book is a guide not necessarily for the “new” children of today, but of the relatively “new” concepts of energy management.

Maureen provides examples throughout the book from her practice with working with children and their parents, as well as many concrete examples of practices she teaches her clients such as affirmations, grounding, yoga, meditation, breath of fire, chakra clearing, smudging, shifting energy, prayer and more.

At the very end of the book, Maureen offers a most beautiful prayer that will touch any parent’s heart. The Indigo Parenting Prayer, here’s a small excerpt.

“May I find peace within and teach it to you.
May I find courage and faith when troubles arise.
May I show you how to persevere and overcome obstacles.
May you feel my love every day of your life.
May I really see you and celebrate you.
May we laugh a lot and play together too.
May I be strong enough to let you dream your dream…”

If you’re wanting to teach your children/child how to understand their own energy and how to manage when they have an excess of it, pick up The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids and join me this Friday on the Where Is My Guru to wrap up this month’s Guru Mama Series.

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The Secret Life of Frida Kahlo

A Where Is My Guru #BookGuru review of F.G. Haghenbeck’s “The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo – A Novel”, by Jenn Grosso originally posted on the #WIMG Blog.

“Have the courage to live, because anyone can die.”


Frida Kahlo, known today as one of Mexico’s iconic revolutionary painters, as well as an inspiration for who the title “Patron Saint of the Arts” has been most sweetly bestowed, teaches us that despite all our challenges we can live life passionately and fully. From poor health, a near death trolley accident at the age of eighteen and constant physical pain, to an intense but turbulent marriage, Frida shows us true strength and determination.


“I suffered two grave accidents in my life…. One in which a streetcar knocked me down and the other was Diego.”

F.G. Haghenbeck takes us on a wonderful and colorful trip based on the known events of Frida Kahlo’s life, and has embellished them creating this intense work of fiction to show us all the different facets of Frida. We experience Frida, as the incredibly fragile woman who constantly struggled with her health and heartbreak; to the passionate and willful rebel who consumed everyone around her through her eccentric personality, love of her culture and cuisine.

Even though fictitious, I feel as though I have experienced little intimate glimpses into Frida Kahlo’s actual life. I have felt through these pages, her complete desperation and her constant struggle to simply carry on, but that at her strongest, Frida conquered her world. Through it all Frida turns to the beauty around her for strength and with brush to canvas, she poured herself into her art that has inspired beyond her time. Frida says she has always painted to “allay her fears and pain”, and left behind not only a legacy as an artist but also as a feminist, political fighter and someone who lived her beliefs without apology and without hesitation. Larger than life, being Frida was her ultimate work of art.

 “Then maybe something of me is coming through in the salt. To live life, you have to season it.”

Tune into this Friday’s Where Is My Guru Radio Show for more of The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo and how Frida has inspired me on my own journey.

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How to Live from Your Spiritual Heart

A Where Is My Guru #BookGuru review of Ram Dass’ new book Polishing the Mirror by Jenn Grosso. Originally published on the WIMG blog.


“The inner guru is always there for you once you recognize it. You have to honor your own path and be able to trust that there is a place in you that knows what is best.”

Ram Dass is a teacher who has always been very close to my heart, as he was one of the very first teachers I encountered when I first began discovering my own spiritual path. I was twelve years old and walked out of a used book store with a copy of Journey of Awakening: A Meditator’s Guidebook, I wanted to learn how to meditate. What I discovered within those pages got me hooked. From there, throughout the years, I’ve read many of Ram Dass’ books and continuously appreciate the love and kindness that emanates from those pages, from his words.

Polishing the Mirror is a culmination of Ram Dass’ experiences on his own spiritual path, wisdom from his inner guru and stories of his guru Maharaj-ji. If you’ve read Ram Dass’ works before, some of these stories you will be familiar with already. However, what I love most about Polishing the Mirror is that Ram Dass approaches these stories with current reflections and commentaries, adding further to his experiences. He speaks about his stroke and aging body and the lessons he has learnt and continues to learn from aging. Lessons that are applicable no matter what age or stage in life.

Your Karma is your Dharma

“The game of enlightenment starts from exactly where you are in your life at this moment. It’s not about rejecting or walking away from any part of your life. The game is to bring all of your life into harmony at every level, to act according to dharma, the law of the universe, truth, how it all is.”

After every Ram Dass book I’ve read, including Polishing the Mirror, I am always left with such a feeling of inner peace. My practice is reaffirmed and I am re-energized on my journey.

“Everything is as it should be. I say that because I’ve surrendered, surrendered to the One. The One makes this moment perfectly fulfilled – and I am quiet and peaceful inside. Go inside for peace, go inside for compassion, go inside for wisdom, go inside for joy, go inside for love.”

Reading Polishing the Mirror was such an awesome experience. Tune into this Friday’s #WIMG radio show for more of my review and some inspiration on living daily from our spiritual heart.

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A Warrior’s Heart

Where is my Guru Book Guru review of Ana Forrest’s Fierce Medicine.
Originally published on the WIMG blog.

Punch Fear in the Face

“To work with what I call ‘Warrior’s Heart’ is to plant your feet when you feel that energy coming up, take a moment to sort through the signals you’re sending yourself, and ask, What is the most healing response that will bring me to a resolution I can be proud of?”

Within the pages of Fierce Medicine, Ana Forrest explores her past and shows us how she overcame her obstacles and the very difficult emotions and fears that become ingrained in our minds and bodies through our experiences. This book will shake your world, ask you to look deep inside yourself, and how from a place of brutal truth and love you can heal from the difficult hard emotions we hang onto.

Although some of the content is asana based, Ana presents her Forrest Yoga and the benefits of certain poses with regards to working through our difficult emotions, this book can also be approached purely for the lessons that Ana weaves throughout her stories. She explores not just yoga, but also other methods of healing through her experiences with Native American Medicine.

“Turning your karma to dharma mean figuring out what to do with what’s been done to you. Look for the gifts in your experience.”

There’s no doubt about it, this is an intense read. Ana is an intense powerful woman who really embodies the word fierce. Her determination and courage to overcome her experiences and traumas is inspirational to say the least. Her stories are often heart wrenching but through these her lessons are made tangible.

Fierce Medicine personally propelled me into some very intense evaluations of my own fears and brought awareness of how these emotions influence my life. This book is more of an experience than just a book, and gives us practical tools for overcoming our own wounds.

Tune into this Friday’s WIMG radio show to hear more about Fierce Medicine and how you can begin to incorporate some of Ana’s fierce medicine into your life.

Jenn Grosso Day 190 - 365 Picture-a-day Project

Jenn Grosso Day 190 – 365 Picture-a-day Project

WIMG Book Guru Review of Ana Forrest’s Fierce Medicine by Jenn Grosso – See more at: http://www.whereismyguru.com/blog/a-warriors-heart-review-of-ana-forrests-fierce-medicine-by-jenn-grosso/#sthash.vZHEpyBI.dpuf

WIMG Book Guru Review of Ana Forrest’s Fierce Medicine by Jenn Grosso – See more at: http://www.whereismyguru.com/blog/a-warriors-heart-review-of-ana-forrests-fierce-medicine-by-jenn-grosso/#sthash.vZHEpyBI.dpuf

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Fierce Medicine

fierce medicine

I’m very excited to announce that my next Where Is My Guru Book Guru review will be on Ana Forrest’s Fierce Medicine! Now I know this book isn’t new, published back in 2011, however for some reason totally beyond my comprehension I have yet to delve into this gem. Better late than never I figure? I’ve heard and read so many different reactions to this book so I’m excited to share my own take and reading experience with you.

All I’m going to say for now is that, as I’ve been reading Fierce Medicine, all I can think of is WHOA. This book is intense. The “shake your world, makes you look at yourself a little differently” kind of intense. To find out more tune into the WIMG radio show on Friday, July 12th at 11am EST for my live on-air review!

Ana Forrest on creating a practice: “Make change a practiced skill. Whatever it is you yearn to do or be, you must practice it, study it, or teach it – at least one of the three – every day.”

Day 162 of my photo-a-day 365 Project. Sitting with Ana Forrest's Fierce Medicine.

Day 162 of my photo-a-day 365 Project. Sitting with Ana Forrest’s Fierce Medicine.

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