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The In-Between Places

Misty Autumn afternoons… Where the magick tucked in the in-between places, cannot help but spill out. Where the thinning veil feels ever the more present.

If you know how to gaze into the mist, certain hidden things can be seen on such a day.


October 11 2018

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The Way Through

The {Way Through} doesn’t always look like we expect it, and it certainly doesn’t come when called upon… It eventually comes from going deep inside ourselves and sitting with our confusion, with our questions, and with our thrashing.

The {Way Through} comes when we have silenced ourselves, given up our relentless questioning and surrendered to the Nothing. Then, of course then, is when our Truth comes rushing in; like a fresh gust of Air, like a wave hitting you in the face.

There it is.

The {Way Through}.


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The Light Through The Darkness

How curious it is that true Brilliance can only be seen glimmering in the Darkness, and true Stillness found amidst Chaos. The dualities of Life never cease to amaze me.


The Ace of Crystals from the Voyager Tarot, and the Ten of Wands from the Lioness Oracle Tarot.

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The Blood-Thorn Witch

Beneath the Sun and Moon,
Rooted deep in Shadow,
Always reaching up to the Stars.

Rose thorns and Blackthorn wood for the Blood-Thorn Witch.

Tis the season, the veil is thinning.

Blood-Thorn Witch

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An Altar For October


Hello sweet October: How I’m elated to be with the chill in your air, the letting go of the leaves in your trees, and the quieting after the harvest season before the blanketing of snow.

This is our Waning Time. The thinning of the Veil and the season of remembrance. Like the trees we are to let go and let rest until the next promising bud of Spring.

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The Inner Landscape

How beats your internal life?
Can you feel the pulse of your inner landscape?
Or is your inward hum drowned out
by the loud noise of the external hustle.
So much Beauty lies in stillness,
in quietness,
in gentleness.
There is a lush garden inside us all.

Collage: The Observer – From our Earthly Garden, observing the cosmos, unbeknowst being observed in return.



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Moving Into The Solstice Light

This soon-to-be Solstice Sun has been simmering underneath my skin. Reminding me, that like the Moon, cycles wax and wane. After the dip into the Darkness, there is always the elevation into the Light.

Although on different timelines, frequencies and planes, we all have our own cycles. To be able to listen deeply and tune into them, is to truly know oneself.

After what has felt like forever in the Dark, my own cycle is moving me into the Light. I’ve finally made available once again some of my past mini zines as well as my newest illustrated mini zine “Scattered Teeth Like Breadcrumbs”. You can find them in my Perilsoftheliving Etsy shop.

Many Solstice Blessings!
May the Light shine brightly in your Heart,
through all your cycles and seasons.

Perilsoftheliving Mini Zines

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