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The suffering of the World sits heavy
on our shoulders and in our Hearts.
Our minds unable to comprehend
the violence inflicted with seeming ease.

How do these created barriers
pierce this world into such separation?

How can compassion be so far removed
that we cannot recognize a glint of ourselves
in the other?

This is no new atrocity.

Our collective Heart has wept these tears
many times before.

From Indigenous cultures outside of recorded History
vanishing along with their complexities of human experience;
to those today trying hard to simply carve a place of joy
unmolested by the rigid ideologies of others.

Humanity has long created these barricades
in the name of God and Greed.

But there is no God that would demand this bloodshed,
no God that would require this segregation amongst kin.
Fear and Power are the sick drivers of this disease.
As it has been with empires built on the bones of the other.

There is no obligation for this to continue.
Our collective eyes need to be fully open,
Our collective ears need to hear the cry:

The voice of one will multiply into a mass of the greater.

And this greater voice must hold those in Power accountable.

What is done to one is done to ALL.
What is done today continues into tomorrow.
Lay down the individual “I” and open the collective Heart.

(Written on June 13th 2016)

In other words:
“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh


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Unfolding Into The Light


Wishing everyone a most happy Holiday season, and post-Winter Solstice unfolding into the Light. May we continue circling this journey with minds and Hearts wide open, seeing each obstacle on the path as an opportunity to open up even further to the mysteries of this beautiful life. ‪

‎Jai Ganesha‬! ‪Many blessings‬ and more blessings!

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All Is One

Take a seat at the foot of Eternity’s Altar
There is no one place for this, it is everywhere
Light the candle that is your Heart
This light radiates beyond all created boundaries.

If the sum of it all comes crashing in,
If the overwhelm engulfs you
Take a seat at the foot of Eternity’s Altar
And light the candle that is your Heart
This light radiates everywhere

Everywhere Anywhere


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On Saying “I Don’t Know”

Jenn Grosso Instagram

These days, so full and empty all at once. So full of uncertainty and questions, yet so empty of comfort and answers. Exhaling everything that these days aren’t – Inhaling the mystery of possibility that tomorrow may bring.

Knowing full well that it’s only through living our questions and embracing all the “I don’t knows” that we one day stumble upon our answers. In the end it’s all sacred. “When we are content to admit that we do not know what lies behind the goddess’s veil, every jot and tittle of creation becomes an object of our reverence and respect.” ‪~ Chet Raymo‬

My new mantra, affirmation and battle cry: “I don’t know”. If it is your truth proclaim it to the heavens: “I don’t know”. Say it cause you mean it and open your heart: “I don’t know”.

Jenn Grosso Instagram

“If something hurts you really bad, make an icon of it and put it in your sanctuary… See the gaps were you have bled and take the stitches from your closed wounds weaving them into a mantle that you wear for your morning and evening prayer. And if grace and goodness should require that you look into the eyes of certain death recall the transformations you have known and go there knowing well…”

May all beings be free of obstacles on the path to pure joy. Jai Ganesha!

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Settling Into Change


Hello October, I’m so excited to see you again….

“Pale amber sunlight falls across
The reddening October trees,
That hardly sway before a breeze
As soft as summer: summer’s loss
Seems little, dear! on days like these.

Let misty autumn be our part!
The twilight of the year is sweet:
Where shadow and the darkness meet…
A little while and night shall come,
A little while, then, let us dream.”
~ Ernest Dowson, Autumnal

It’s no secret that Fall is my favorite season, to me it feels like a kind of New Year. A shift that allows change big and small; that brings new energy after the summer’s heat. This seasonal energy is deep and profound, and every year invites a different understanding of myself as I dig deeper and deeper into the shadows.

“I think of the trees and how simply they let go… learning to lose in order to recover.” ~ May Sarton


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Moon Mail

The Moon My Compass
{A short poem}

I don’t know the way
Out of this deep dark.
The Moon my guide
Compass to my heart
Sheds the Light
{In cycles} one step at a time.


Moon Mail – A Mail Art Project


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Heart Manifesto Workshop Giveaway *Winner Update*


*Winner Update* A big thank you to all who have entered! And the Random number generator has chosen comment #8 as the winner of a spot in {Heart Manifesto Workshop} congratulations laurakutney!!! You’ll be contacted shortly!

“Our words have power because they are the genesis of our actions and our internal codex for interpreting the world. Choose and use them wisely, that they might not only create healing and be of benefit in your own life, but that they may in turn inspire others to do the same.” ~ Heart Medicine

I’m excited to share with you a chance to WIN a free spot in my dear friend Kate Bartolotta’s Heart Manifesto Workshop. A month-long exploration of the questions that can change your direction. Starting September 1st, the workshop will include a secret Facebook group and twice a week course content emailed to you directly. Through the use of exercises in writing, meditation, art and body awareness, they will aim to awaken the muse and begin writing your heart’s manifesto—on and off the page.

Ready for some serious Heart Mojo?! You have until midnight on Sunday, August 24th, to leave a comment on this post for your chance to WIN a free spot in this workshop. The winner will be announced here the following morning.

And I can’t recommend Kate’s book enough… Heart Medicine. “Write your story, heal your heart.” YES.



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