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Unfolding Into The Light


Wishing everyone a most happy Holiday season, and post-Winter Solstice unfolding into the Light. May we continue circling this journey with minds and Hearts wide open, seeing each obstacle on the path as an opportunity to open up even further to the mysteries of this beautiful life. ‪

‎Jai Ganesha‬! ‪Many blessings‬ and more blessings!

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Surrender To Your Silence


Art via Pinterest

“Silence and Winter has led me to that otherness.
So let this Winter of listening be enough,
For the new life I must call my own.”
~ David Whyte

Surrender to your Silence
Surrender to the Silence of this sleeping land
Surrender to the Silence of this season
This is the time for Listening.

The Winter Solstice is a time to celebrate the growth done in Darkness and the slow magic of the Light in it’s own time. Once again the wheel turns towards the waxing journey of the Light, but this is not done quickly. Slowly we listen, slowly we awaken. The dance of light and shadows continues on. But here on this day, we are assured that the Light will always return.


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