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All Is One

Take a seat at the foot of Eternity’s Altar
There is no one place for this, it is everywhere
Light the candle that is your Heart
This light radiates beyond all created boundaries.

If the sum of it all comes crashing in,
If the overwhelm engulfs you
Take a seat at the foot of Eternity’s Altar
And light the candle that is your Heart
This light radiates everywhere

Everywhere Anywhere


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The Art Of Slowness


Creating a life full of meaning and being present to all the little things has always been important to me. Although the slower more deliberate road is not always an easy one to navigate, its rewards touch something beyond our own lives and connects us with something far beyond this world. I am so honored to be contributing to this experiment in slow, to offer up my own experience and invite us all to see the richness of slowing down.

From Where Is My Guru: “Our culture has overindulged in living the fast life. Fast Food. Fast money. Fast sex. Fast cars. Fast everything. The faster we get, the more we look for the easy way out. The more we use speed to define our lives – the farther away we get from creating a grounded sense of happiness, presence and peace – a place from which all aspects of our live can grow. Join me and Where is My Guru from December 1-22 in a holistic experiment in slowing down.”

Join us if you feel called, details and sign up here.

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Never Forgotten

Tis the season of Remembrance.

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

To all the cherished ones, you are always in our hearts.
And to those forgotten, you are a part of all Eternity and one with all.

Dia De Los Muertos Altar 2015

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