On Saying “I Don’t Know”

Jenn Grosso Instagram

These days, so full and empty all at once. So full of uncertainty and questions, yet so empty of comfort and answers. Exhaling everything that these days aren’t – Inhaling the mystery of possibility that tomorrow may bring.

Knowing full well that it’s only through living our questions and embracing all the “I don’t knows” that we one day stumble upon our answers. In the end it’s all sacred. “When we are content to admit that we do not know what lies behind the goddess’s veil, every jot and tittle of creation becomes an object of our reverence and respect.” ‪~ Chet Raymo‬

My new mantra, affirmation and battle cry: “I don’t know”. If it is your truth proclaim it to the heavens: “I don’t know”. Say it cause you mean it and open your heart: “I don’t know”.

Jenn Grosso Instagram

“If something hurts you really bad, make an icon of it and put it in your sanctuary… See the gaps were you have bled and take the stitches from your closed wounds weaving them into a mantle that you wear for your morning and evening prayer. And if grace and goodness should require that you look into the eyes of certain death recall the transformations you have known and go there knowing well…”

May all beings be free of obstacles on the path to pure joy. Jai Ganesha!

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