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Stacks of Poetry Books

This month is National Poetry Month and we’ve been celebrating all things poetry over at Be You Media Group. In the last edition of our weekly Love List we all contributed a picture with our favorite most indispensable poetry books. These are the ones that have spoken straight to my heart and the pages that I return to over and over again. Do you have a favorite? A whole stack of favorites?


“Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.” ~ Paul Engle

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On Emptiness


Becoming empty
To rediscover anew
The joy of filling.

There is medicine in emptying ourselves and to embark on the path of refilling.

We’re sometimes afraid of letting go, fearing that we’ll be abandoning ourselves. However emptying ourselves, instead gives us the opportunity of beginning fresh and to begin the search again. To find once more the things that really light our inner fire, the things that make us feel the most alive without clinging to stale concepts and ideas that no longer serve us.

From fullness to emptiness to fullness once more. We are cycles. Always beginning again.

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It’s Never Too Late


{A Heart Reminder}

“It’s not too late… the angel said.
Even though the world’s a mess…
Even though you’re not as young…
Even though you’ve made mistakes and have been afraid
It’s not too late…
And then I saw the world through the angels’ eyes…
I saw the colors I could paint
The bridges I could build
The lives that I could touch
The dreams that could still come true
And it became very clear to me…
That it’s not too late.”
~Ron Atchison

With every rising sun a new opportunity
To do what we can, however small
And to keep at it every day
Because it’s never too late.

Art by Charles Vess

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From last night’s Full Moon‬ deep diving excavation…

But now we can choose to
remember who we are…

Open our minds, eyes and hearts
when they are closed by confusion…

This is how heaven grows in us; and love.

Paper Prayers {Six}


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Welcome April!


Image via Pinterest

After this particularly cold and relentless Winter, I’m embracing this shift with arms wide open and with a sigh of relief.

This month has always spoken to me of renewal and beginnings after the Winter thaw, when Spring really takes hold. May we rise from our slumber into the light with a fresh perspective and Hearts open to the new adventures ahead.‬

“If you listen,
not to the pages or preachers
but to the smallest flower
growing from a crack in your heart,
you will hear a great song
moving across a wide ocean
whose water is the music;
connecting all the islands
of the universe together,
and touching all
you will feel it
touching you
around you,
embracing you
with light.

It is in that light
that everything lives
and will always be alive.”
~John Squadra


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