Heart Manifesto Workshop Giveaway *Winner Update*


*Winner Update* A big thank you to all who have entered! And the Random number generator has chosen comment #8 as the winner of a spot in {Heart Manifesto Workshop} congratulations laurakutney!!! You’ll be contacted shortly!

“Our words have power because they are the genesis of our actions and our internal codex for interpreting the world. Choose and use them wisely, that they might not only create healing and be of benefit in your own life, but that they may in turn inspire others to do the same.” ~ Heart Medicine

I’m excited to share with you a chance to WIN a free spot in my dear friend Kate Bartolotta’s Heart Manifesto Workshop. A month-long exploration of the questions that can change your direction. Starting September 1st, the workshop will include a secret Facebook group and twice a week course content emailed to you directly. Through the use of exercises in writing, meditation, art and body awareness, they will aim to awaken the muse and begin writing your heart’s manifesto—on and off the page.

Ready for some serious Heart Mojo?! You have until midnight on Sunday, August 24th, to leave a comment on this post for your chance to WIN a free spot in this workshop. The winner will be announced here the following morning.

And I can’t recommend Kate’s book enough… Heart Medicine. “Write your story, heal your heart.” YES.



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32 responses to “Heart Manifesto Workshop Giveaway *Winner Update*

  1. Katie

    This would be an awesome opportunity! I would like to be considered for the contest!

  2. Tara

    I need to win this for my sister. (oh such melodrama! I don’t *need* to … but I would love to … and if I don’t, might you point us to where one would sign up for the workshop – is that a possibility?)

  3. This is just what I believe I would need to jump start everything I’ve been wanting to write and just haven’t made the time for. ❤

    • Jenn Grosso

      Ah making time, I hear you Angela! Kate’s book also discussed topics such as making time and space for writing. 🙂

  4. “I believe in the power of words. Words are where this alchemy begins. We take them, shape them, and send them out into the world, like little paper boats on water. I believe our words have a ripple effect that changes the world, and as such, we should chose them wisely.” ~Kate Bartolotta~ I’d love to release more of my words -and explore their transformative power- through this workshop! 🙂 Thanks Kate and Jenn! xoxo

  5. dejah

    This looks so amazing! Would love to join the workshop. 🙂

  6. This course and book both sound amazing!!

  7. laurakutney

    I would love a chance to do a workshop! I have never done one and am sure it would leave me much better than it found me at month’s end! xoxox Laura Kutney

    • Jenn Grosso

      Oh definitely Laura! I’ve done several online writing/journaling workshops throughout the years and I’ve always walked away learning something new. Thank you for entering! xoxox

  8. Jane Cullen

    I would love to win a spot. I will be checking out the book as well 🙂

  9. Maria

    This sounds like exactly what I need. I’ll be checking out the book.

  10. Yes please! I am currently so committed to my writing and to getting it Out There having kicked up my blog a notch or two. Thanks for the link Jenn and Kate, look forward to reading the book. Bright blessings )O(

    • Jenn Grosso

      Awesome to hear that you’re getting more of your writing out there, your blog looks beautiful!Thanks so much for entering, hugs and bright blessings right back at you Kerrie! ❤

  11. I feel totally related to this! I’m entering! Thank you for this contest! ❤

  12. Carolyn Riker

    Maybe that’s what I need…to surrender and stop trying to do it alone! Perfect timing. xo ❤

    • Jenn Grosso

      Aaahh Carolyn! “To surrender and stop trying to do it alone”!!! I hear that sister. ❤ Thank you for entering! xox

  13. Reading Heart Manifesto this morning, and feeling the desire to be a part of the workshop!

  14. Vrinda Aguilera

    Sounds like an enriching opportunity. Entering!

  15. Oh, thank you for sharing about this book and class…I just followed the link and it’s so much of what I’m thinking and working through these days. That’s definitely going on my to-read list.

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